Answers to Your Questions About Our Guided Tours of Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park


Hello! Our office is closed through February 28th, but you can easily book your tour for the 2018 season online! If you have any questions about any of our tours please drop us a message at info@moabinaday.com and we will respond the same day. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to experiencing Moab with you! 


Do I need a coupon for your current sale?

Nope! The discount will be automatically available on the website through February 28th!

What is the sale on?

The sale is for 15% off the half-day Guided Jeep Tour of Arches NP and Its Famous Arches.

How do I choose between the all-day tour of Arches and Canyonlands and the two half day tours of Arches and Canyonlands/Dead Horse parks?

The all-day Arches and Canyonlands tour is a continuous tour of the national parks only. It includes lunch and is perfect for those guests who want an earlier finish and are interested in only seeing the two national parks. On this all-day tour the morning is the same as on the half day tour of Arches National Park, but the afternoon visit to Canyonlands National Park is abbreviated a little bit because of time limitations. Despite the fewer stops in Canyonlands you will still get to see the most spectacular views in the park!

We created the two half day tours in order to squeeze in more sightseeing time. Instead of spending an hour on lunch, you will get that time back in sightseeing in the afternoon. The morning Arches half day tour stays the same, but now you will be able to see a few more stops in Canyonlands National Park as well as the Dead Horse Point State Park!

What is your most popular tour?

Our most popular tour is the combination of half day morning Guided Jeep Tour of Arches National Park and Its Famous Arches and half day afternoon Guided Jeep Tour of Canyonlands and Dead Horse State Park. Why? Because with these two half day tours you can see all three of Moab’s premier parks! And because it’s a long day otherwise, you get a mid day break in town to rest and relax.

Our next most popular tour is the All-Day Guided Jeep Tour of Arches and Canyonlands. Those who only want to see Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park and skip Dead Horse State Park, can join us for this continuous 8 hour long tour with a gourmet European style lunch included!

What if we want to do the half day tours on two different days?

You can do any half day tour on any day of your choosing. If you are booking 2 separate half day tours on different days you will need to book the tours separately, otherwise if booking the Arches and Canyonlands/Dead Horse half day tours on the same day for convenience you can use the “Two Half Day Tours: Arches & Canyonlands/Dead Horse” option.

Do the tours include stops for photographs and up close enjoyment of the arches?

Yes! We will stop and get out of the car and hike to all of the major accessible arches. There will be plenty of opportunities for beautiful photos and your guide will make sure that you have plenty of photos of your entire group!

Are your guided tours strenuous?

Our guided tours are very laid-back. They are designed for enjoyment and to be experiential. We encourage a little bit of hiking necessary to see some of the sights, but the tours are yours and you decide how much hiking you want to do. We often modify our tours to meet the need of our guests by skipping some of the hikes and adding more stops without hikes.

Can I book the tour easily online?

Yes, you can easily book your tour online on our secure booking page. Choose the tour and the number of people and voila! Please note that all tours have to be booked by 7 pm of the day before. If you are booking our popular half day Arches and half day Canyonlands/Dead Horse tours on the same day, you can book them together using the “Two Half Day Tours: Arches & Canyonlands/Dead Horse” option. Otherwise, if you are booking more than one tour, each tour will have to be booked separately.

How late can I book a tour?

If we haven’t sold out for the next day, you can book your tour by 7pm the night before. You can hop onto our booking page and securely book from there in a few short steps.

Do you serve lunch?

We serve a gourmet lunch with lots of yummy options on our all day tour only. Our guests often exclaim “Wow” when they first see our lunch served! See our lunch on our lunch page.

Do you have a gluten free option?

If you need a gluten free option, please select that at the time of making a reservation. Our lunch is designed to be mostly gluten free, but if we know your dietary restrictions ahead of time we will bring gluten-free bread as well.

Pick up and drop off

We will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, campground, vacation rental. Super convenient!

What group size can you accommodate?

Our tours require a minimum of 2 and can accommodate a maximum of 4 per group. Four people should all be friends since the back seat can be a bit of a squeeze! Because of that we only charge a small amount for the 4th guest. We can occasionally accommodate a solo traveler, but not often. Please send us a message if you are traveling solo and are looking for availability.

What will we learn on your tours?

First of all, all our guides are college educated and are experts in the geology of Arches and Canyonlands Parks. You will learn fascinating facts about local geology, plant and animal desert adaptations, but most importantly you will learn in great detail how arches form! Very few visitors to Arches actually understand all the processes involved in arch formation and there are a few! You are in for a treat!

How long are the tours?

The afternoon half day tours are 3 hours long. The morning half day tour of Arches N.P. is 4.5 hrs. Our all day tour is 8 hours long. The tours start at 7am and 1pm respectively. We start at 7am for Arches National Park because the park is less crowded and more enjoyable at that time. Around 8 am tour buses arrive and we can be slightly ahead of them and have a quieter experience.

Are your guided tours custom and private?

Most of the time they are. Since Jeeps can only accommodate 3 travelers comfortably we will only add a single traveler to another couple’s reservation and never another couple. Since most of our bookings are for couples and very rarely single travelers, the chances are that you will have the jeep all to yourself!

Are there plenty of toilet opportunities?

Yes! We will be travelling through two developed national parks with lots of opportunities for breaks.

What vehicles will we travel in?

You will be traveling in a clean, modern, 4 door, air conditioned jeep. No better way to take in Arches National Park than in a Moab Jeep!

What should we bring along?

Please bring good athletic walking shoes, wide mouth refillable water bottles for everyone in your group, and a national parks pass, annual or senior, if you have one – it will help us get into the parks faster. If you don’t have a pass, the entry is covered in the cost of the tour.

I don’t have a park’s pass. Is that a problem?

No. Your National Parks Entry Pass helps us get into the parks faster, but if you don’t have one you are still covered.

Can you arrange a custom tour?

Yes, we can design a tour based on your interests that includes other interesting places around Moab. Drop us a line though our contact form and we will get back to you to get more details on what you’re looking for.

What is your cancellation policy?

Unlike most companies in town who charge deposits, we will refund you your full amount of your purchase if you cancel 48 hour prior to the start of the tour. After 48 hours we will refund 50% of the tour fee.

Do you have an office?

We are committed to convenience so we encourage all bookings from your phone or a computer. We also pick you up for your tour in front of your hotel and drop you off there as well so you never have to step foot in a stuffy office. We are a local Moab, Utah company with a physical location in town. We are non-corporate, woman-owned business, but we love the corporate standards of professionalism and world-class customer services and we adhere to those on our tours!

What tours do you offer?

We offer a number of great tours:

Morning Guided Jeep Tour of Arches National Park and Its Famous Arches

Afternoon Guided Jeep Tour of Canyonlands and Dead Horse State Park

All-Day Guided Jeep Tour of Arches and Canyonlands

Afternoon Guided Jeep Tour of Moab’s Famous Petroglyph Sites

Afternoon Guided 4X4 Jeep Tour of Moab’s Best Backcountry (Coming in May 2018!)

Afternoon Guided Jeep Tour of Moab’s Famous Movie Valley (Coming in May 2018!)

Evening Astronomy Program at Dead Horse State Park (Coming in May 2018!)

Custom Engagement Tours

You can get more information about each tour and individual stops on our tour page.

What do your tours cost?

Regular prices for our tours are as follows:

Morning Guided Jeep Tour of Arches National Park and Its Famous Arches – $99pp + 10% off for three guests and 4th guest is only $15 extra!

Afternoon Guided Jeep Tour of Canyonlands and Dead Horse State Park – $84pp + 10% off for three guests and 4th guest is only $15 extra!

All-Day Guided Jeep Tour of Arches and Canyonlands – $182pp + 10% off for three guests and 4th guest is only $30 extra!

Afternoon Guided Jeep Tour of Moab’s Famous Petroglyph Sites  – $69pp + 10% off for three guests and 4th guest is only $15 extra!

Custom Engagement Tours – please contact us for requirements and pricing.

I still have more questions. How do I get answers?

The best way to communicate with us is to reach out to us over our contact form. We will respond to your inquiry within a couple of hours.